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In 2016, Robert Bosch adopted 11 Primary Government School in Coimbatore, with an intention of converting them into a Model School.  Volunteers visit these schools every week to teach English, Maths, Science, Computers and to conduct various events on special occasions.

To celebrate the work done and distribute prizes to children, ‘The CSR Annual Day 2017’ a joint programme along with Robert Bosch CSR were organized, mainly to recognize and reward all those students who have achieved excelled in sports and other activities.

 On 11th March 2017, over 1000 students from 16 Schools in and around Saravanampatti and Keeranathan villages gathered at the Bosch campus. The annual day began with volunteers picking up all the children, providing snacks and energizing them for the day that followed. Simple games, magic shows and other performances were conducted which truly delighted all the children. A song sung by the children of the Government Blind School, on the “Beautiful Colors of Life” truly touched everyone and filled them with gratitude. Lunch was served to everyone. The participated schools and the children were awarded on basis of their attendance, artistic talents, sports skills etc. The day came to an end with the distribution of goodie bags to the children. RAAC planned and organized the events.