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A joint initiative by RAAC and Ideal Poly technologies Pvt Ltd, a home composting set has been developed to promote onsite composting in domestic households to reuse of wet waste, instead of throwing them out, they could be recycled and used as manure in the kitchen garden of every household. The Ideal Digester is a system that converts food waste into organic manure. This solar-heated unit takes all cooked and uncooked food wastes including Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Fish, Bones and Dairy products and converts everything into manure for the plants. Feeding all the food waste into the Digester, which could be installed in the garden area, converts everything into manure in a time frame of 60-90 days.

Features of the Digester:

  1. Dumping or disposal of Household waste will be reduced.
  2. Waste food can be disposed of cleanly and quickly, before it becomes smelly.
  3. All nutrients are returned to the soil as manure.
  4. With no food waste in the dustbins other wastes like paper and plastic covers will be dry and easy to recycle.
  5. Safe for your home, society and your plants.
  6. It’s easy to set up and maintain.
  7. Works on Solar heat, No power required.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. Saves household wastes to be collected by your municipality.
  2. Less waste means Less Garbage trucks on the road.
  3. Makes recycling household waste much easier.
  4. Reduces the need for landfill and centralized composting.
  5. Disposes of food waste immediately.
  6. Keeps your recyclables and garbage clean and odor-free.
  7. Keeps kitchen waste out of the landfill.

Capacity: Food waste of 0.70 to 1.0 kg per day (or) 5 to 6 Kgs per week can be placed in your solar system. Dimensions: Total Height = 1200 mm; Diameter = 660 mm. The below table explains what can go in Ideal Digester.